The Depths of MY Insanity

Depths of Insanity


Now I have realised this project will be really ambitious and I pour almost every waking hour into this and I...

LOVE the direction this game goes!

Hey, I even went down to 60% on my daytime job to get even more time for this game project.

Learning a lot of new things everyday.
Currently, about 500 locations are planned for the game and I will soon have 20 ready with lots of details.

Could post pictures and videos of everything all the time but I want a lot of secrets for the player to discover. Hard to draw the line on what to show. But I will share some here and a short new gameplay video will arrive soon enough.

Lately I've almost finished up a graveyard, the beginning of a high-tech lab, more of the forest environment, the entrance to a dungeon which will have puzzles, enemies, traps and a boss!

I guess I'm a workaholic but as long as I enjoy crunching the ones and zeros I think I'll be fine.

Have a great new week everyone!

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